Communications, design & Engagement

We are a creative communications firm with an expertise in digital strategy and engagement. Do you want to better understand your supporters or donors? Make better use of your online presence? Revive an old email list? Raise money online? We craft conversational digital experiences so that you can better connect with your supporters.


  • Digital strategy & engagement

    • What kind of message resonates with your audience? How can you best take advantage of a big event or fundraising opportunity? We’ll analyze your existing online performance, test creative, and implement a strategy to meet your goals.

  • Online fundraising

    • Do you want to better engage your donor base and make more money from your email list? We’ll design and implement your digital fundraising program.


We provide trainings to organizations and groups in the following areas,

  • Social media & digital strategy

  • Digital security

  • Digital advertising

  • Online fundraising


  • Rewire.News, Maine Citizens for Clean Elections, Maine Votes, Maine Sierra Club, and Code for America.

Dream projects:

  • Turning a dormant email list into an effective way to engage supporters.

  • Create and manage a recurring donor program with maximum creative control & trust

  • Help a public sector agency design a people-first online public feedback system

GENERAl consult

This is primarily for technology purchasing decisions. Need to move to a new CRM? Figure out how to start the process of building a website (cause that one guy you know doesn’t work there anymore?) Start to think about using your email list more effectively? Get in touch with the right people for a wacky project? Have those conversations early. Get off on the right foot. Book an hourly consult by emailing


Interested in working together? Don't hesitate to get in touch.