We like helping groups make better decisions about technology and come with a deep commitment to its ethical and effective use.

Our specialty is in creating people-forward online experiences. We primarily work with political advocacy and public sector groups to design beautiful, engaging content and the digital systems behind it. So that the good people doing good work can spend more time on the good work.

Who we work with

We do believe the best advocacy and political content is local. We work from Portland, Maine. If you are a group working in this state, we’d love to hear from you. Our work is focused on advocacy and civic engagement, but we are enthusiastic for all with a good cause. The well being of the people in this slice of the earth is perhaps the best cause.

We are civics nerds. Big time. Technology + Democracy = <3 If you have an interesting project for a digital strategist in this realm, from anywhere on planet earth, we’d love to hear from you.

We are open to other digital engagement projects that need a systems-thinking, content-forward approach to digital engagement.


Make all the things online. Re-engage in the creativity of your cause. We do all of this:

  • Advertising

  • Digital strategy

  • Email

  • Web content design

And we’d love to work on this:

  • Turning a dormant email list into an effective delivery vehicle for BEAUTIFUL, BOLD content.

  • Create and manage a recurring donor program with maximum creative control & trust

  • Designing an effective & profitable source for local news

  • Help a public sector agency design a people-first online public feedback system

GENERAl consult

This is primarily for technology purchasing decisions. Need to move to a new CRM? Figure out how to start the process of building a website (cause that one guy you know doesn’t work there anymore?) Start to think about using your email list more effectively? Get in touch with the right people for a wacky project? Have those conversations early. Get off on the right foot. Book an hourly consult by emailing


Interested in working together? Don't hesitate to get in touch.